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30 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan 


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30 30 in 30 Challenge

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Lose Weight For Life Bundle

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Are you doing everything you’ve been told to do, but still not seeing progress? Does the scale make you feel like crap, but you don’t know how to change it?

I created the Stuck to Slaying Weight Loss Mini Course to teach you how to get you UNSTUCK and on your way to seeing results (in less than a day).

Stuck to Slaying Weight Loss Mini Course

for the woman not sure what to do when she isn't losing weight

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If you're dreaming about being done with dieting and never gaining weight back, but aren't sure how to go from your "weight loss mindset" to maintenance - this program is designed specifically for you.

Maintainista is my signature program that will show you how to transition off of calorie tracking, learn how to fit in fun without over-doing it and not obsess over your weight.


for the woman ready to graduate from dieting and learn how to maintain her progress

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