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I'm Lauren, Registered Dietitian and The Sorority Nutritionist! I show women how to lose weight while having FUN so they can become their sexiest and most confident self!

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hey babe.

I got your back, babe! I’m here to show you how to lose your first 10 pounds with my proven method that combines calorie tracking and mindful eating!

Lose weight while
having FUN!

READY TO take your diet FROM A HOT MESS express TO fit babe success?

I created The Sorority Nutritionist Membership to help you figure out exactly how many calories you need to lose weight, how to eat the right portions of foods and literally have an exact plan on how to lose weight and keep it off forever!


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“I've lost over 20 pounds by focusing on calories and protein. It freaking WORKS!”

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I'm Lauren, your weight loss BFF!

I’m a Registered Dietitian and online weight loss coach. I’m ready to help you lose weight, gain confidence and love the way you look! I’m ready to help you because I was you...

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Let me drop in with weekly weight loss inspiration, my fave products, and simple healthy eating tips created with Y-O-U in mind, because no one likes getting junk mail, am I right?

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