20 Min Meals for 20 Pounds Down

what's included


20 Min Meals for 20 Pounds Down is a recipe guide containing all of my favorite recipes, literally inspired by the exact meals and products I make at home on a regular basis as a Dietitian.

This recipe guide features all of my favorite, go-to meals that take 20 minutes or less to make that will help you see results, and look and feel your best year round. The guide also includes my favorite healthy snacks alongside an easy mix & match snacking list that I use to stay on track year round.

what's included


  • Dietitian-approved quick meals that are between 450-550 calories and pack at least 25-30 grams protein
  • 12 easy to make, calorie-conscious snack ideas emphasizing fiber for fullness
  • Mix and match snacking list to make combining carbs/color with proteins/fats easy to stay on track
  • Specific brand recommendations for all recipes including alternatives if you cannot find it at your local grocery store
  • Suggestions to make recipes vegetarian-friendly

In this plan you'll find:

Frequently Asked Questions

The recipes included this guide are my go-to meals that I make as part of my every day diet as a Registered Dietitian. Each recipe takes 20 minutes or less to create with simple ingredients available at most grocery stores.

Each meal is between 450-550 calories and packs 25-30 grams of protein. The meals do include meat, fish and dairy as that is what I consume in my normal, every day diet. If you have any food restrictions, we do offer vegetarian suggestions in the recipe guide as well.

Recipe sneak peek: 2 Minute Protein Pancake In A Bowl, Meal Prep Proats (Protein Oatmeal), Crispy Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap, Strawberry Summer Salad with Crispy Tenders, Thai Coconut Curry and Air Fryer Chicken Quesadillas.

Yes! This plan features the exact meals I make on a regular basis as a Registered Dietitian, alongside specific product recommendations included for each recipe. Because I’ve moved nearly 5 times in the past 10 years and lived in multiple states, I’ve made these meals in various locations. For each recipe if there is a specific brand of food or product unavailable in your region, we offer suggestions as these meals can be made wherever you live across the world as long as you have access to simple food ingredients.

Not a problem. We wanted to make this recipe guide as inclusive as possible so we’ve included alternatives to specific brands we recommend, as well as modifications to make some of the recipes to make them dairy free or vegetarian.

*Please note that when using these different ingredients, the calories and macros of the recipe will change slightly.

Yes, this plan is vegetarian-friendly. While the recipes are not exclusively vegetarian, we do offer suggestions for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

Not a problem! Shoot us an email at and we can assist!

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