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Are you needing more individualized support to take away the confusion and overwhelm you may be feeling about losing weight? Book a personalized coaching consultation with a TSN Dietitian to help you review what you’re doing now, receive customized feedback and leave with a clear, personalized game plan on what to do to see progress.

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We created the Hot & Healthy Membership to simplify weight loss so you can see results, faster. This self-paced weight loss program will forever change how you eat to lose weight by addressing simple diet and mindset tweaks to allow you to accelerate your progress.

When you join you'll get instant access to the Membership site plus our meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, private community area and more.

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Do you generally know what to do to lose weight, but find yourself STUCK and not making progress? Do you wish that there was a way you could understand exactly what you needed to do to get un-stuck?

90 Day Fit Babe Body is our signature coaching program that is designed to help you reach your full potential so you understand exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

90 Day Fit Babe Body Coaching

For the woman who wants to be told what to do & get personalized coaching

Words from women we’ve worked with:

 "I lost 11 pounds in 13 weeks and feel like my best self again."

"I ended up losing over 40 lbs throughout COACHING & 90 DAY FIT BABE BODY!"

"I ended up losing 15 pounds and have kept it off since!"

"I have kept off every single pound since working with Lauren."

"Not only have I lost weight, but I've also gained confidence"

"I'm officially down my first 10 lbs for my 40th birthday!"

"I ended up losing 8 POUNDS before our wedding!"

"Lauren helped me lose my first 10 lbs & changed the way I view food."

"LAUREN helped me fit everything to my lifestyle"

"I lost 10 lbs that I always struggled to lose myself."

"I never thought that weight loss could be fun!"

"Down 10 lbs in 1 month since my discovery call with lauren!"

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