Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I am SO pumped you are ready to take it to the next level, and I’d love to support you and show you exactly what to do inside one of our amazing programs. You can click here to see the different programs I offer based on the level of support you are looking for.

Yes! For success with losing weight, we understand how important it is to personalize your plan, your body and your goals. That is why you’ll find inside all of our programs that we help you personalize your nutrition plan through a personalized calorie budget and macros.

Absolutely! We serve many women with dietary restrictions or preferences inside the program. There are vegan and vegetarian protein alternatives to help you make these swaps and still follow this program, however the meal plans are not suited for vegans.

I firsthand understand the struggle when you have done so many things and are tired of constantly failing diet after diet. But what if I told you, this is actually why TSN exists. What makes TSN different than the diets that you’ve done before is that our method can’t “fail” and not work. Let me guess, you’ve been on diets that tell you to cut out your favorite foods, follow a certain “plan” and then lose weight. But then life happens, you have a hard time following the “rules” or worse off - you follow all the instructions but you still don’t lose. Then you are left hanging with no idea what to do next. You failed.

At TSN, you can’t fail at weight loss because I’m teaching you how to eat, develop sustainable eating habits (based on science) and pivot based on your body’s feedback. The way “dieting” should be. There is no failing when your plan is personalized to your body, you’re supported and listened to, and you learn the simple science behind shedding fat.

While many of our programs are group-based and tailored towards women, we do take on male clients as well. Please email us at if you are interested in seeing our various offers exclusively for men.

Yes, we work with women around the world in various different countries in all our programs.

Please email our team at and we’d be happy to help!

Absolutely! Shoot our amazing customer support team an email at

As indicated on our terms and conditions, all purchases are final due to the digital nature of our products. There are no refunds for any subscriptions or programs after purchase, including if your auto-pay goes through without you canceling. If you would like to cancel your membership, please email us at

Membership Questions

  • If you are wanting to get started in the program and are needing a jumpstart, I suggest signing up for the monthly Bombshell Beginner Membership tier.
  • If you are wanting all the benefits of the Membership and would also like slightly more personalized support and direct feedback on how you are eating, I would suggest joining our 6 Month Hot Girl Transformation tier because you’ll not only receive a discount but it includes bonus personalized progress check-ins for added support.

Your subscription initiates right when you purchase.

Yes! The Membership will teach you how many calories you need to be eating for your body. We personalized these targets to you through the step-by-step video content. We also offer support Monday through Friday inside our community area where we will help you “approve” your game plan and initial calorie range, in addition to offering adjustments so you’re never stuck.

Yes! The Membership will help you set up your macros for weight loss based on your personalized calorie budget.

We know just how important support is for you to see success, which is why from the moment you sign up for the Membership you have our support inside our exclusive community area. Our first priority is to support you as you calculate your personalized calorie budget for weight loss. Once you have your budget, you’ll check in with the community every week as part of “Friday Weekly Wins” to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. You’ll have access to our exclusive Membership community area, where our Dietitians will be able to answer your questions 5 days a week. And lastly, you will be able to attend special support sessions on topics that might be holding you back such as “how to lose the last 10 pounds” or “postpartum weight loss” for examples.

Absolutely! We serve many women with dietary restrictions or preferences inside the program. There are vegan and vegetarian protein alternatives to help you make these swaps and still follow this program, however the meal plans are not suited for vegans.

Yes, you can join if you are postpartum and/or breastfeeding. We help you personalize your weight loss calorie needs to your body with support from the TSN Dietitian team to accommodate for your increased nutritional needs when breastfeeding. That said, we typically do not recommend joining the Membership until​ you are at least 2-3 months postpartum to allow your body enough time to heal. That is because your postpartum body needs time to heal from delivery and/or c-section as changes in your hormones, appetite, lifestyle and even the healing process begin.

90 Day Fit Babe Body Questions

We never want clients to wait to start when they are motivated to eat healthier and see results, which is why right when you enroll, your 90 days (14 weeks) of coaching begins! The first week will be your onboarding week where we will complete your initial onboarding call where you get your personalized game plan. Then the following 13 weeks will be coaching!

Absolutely! This program is our signature program that is as personalized as it gets. Right when you sign up we review your goals, current eating habits and give you a nutrition game plan on a private onboarding call so you can start to see progress based on what is holding you back. You will receive a personalized calorie budget alongside macros, a review of what needs to change in your current lifestyle and an exclusive progress tracker you'll use throughout your 90 days. In addition, as you go through the program, each week as part of your weekly check-ins you will receive personalized feedback based on how you are progressing in the program.

Yes, you will be working with Lauren and her amazing team of specialized Dietitians (specialties ranging from sports nutrition to eating disorders). You will be able to ask Lauren questions inside our private coaching community area every single week and be able to attend coaching calls led by Lauren and our Dietitian’s each week inside the program.

We know much of a game changer accountability can be to sticking to your plan, so inside of 90 Day Fit Babe Body, our first priority is to create your custom nutrition plan specific to your exact needs and goals. Once you have your plan, you’ll check in with us every week to let us know how you’re doing so we can support you, cheer you on, answer any questions, and adjust your plan as needed. You’ll also be invited to join us every week for coaching calls! On these group calls, you’ll get individual time to be coached so that we can work through any barriers that come up. This is where Lauren or our Dietitians can literally look at what you’re eating to give you feedback! Lastly, you’ll have access to our private community, where our coaches answer questions 5 days a week!

If you need more support after 90 days and are not ready to go off on your own, we have a variety of continuation options that are offered with exclusive pricing for our clients to ensure you are receiving continued support! Many clients sign up for another round until they reach their goal weight or join us inside the monthly Membership.

I know how defeating it can feel when you’ve done so many diets and you still have no progress to show for it. Beyond being a Dietitian that has personally coached thousands of women inside this very program, I am also a woman that used to be exactly where you are right now. In fact, that is what inspired me to create this very program - to help women on the verge of giving up and desperate to see results.

Truth is, this program will work for you when you put in the work. I will help you get to the real root of your weight loss struggles that extends far beyond a calorie number and “motivational” speeches. I will help you look into your eating and exercise habits, and explore what is holding you back that you don’t see. I will coach you week after week helping you change your habits and develop a strong mindset, and make tweaks based upon how you are doing. The TSN method works. 90 Day Fit Babe Body works. But you have to be ready to put in the work. And I’d love to get you there!

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