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Meet Lauren Hubert MS, RD

Hey babe! I’m Lauren, a weight loss dietitian. 

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I’m a Registered Dietitian that is obsessed with helping women become their hottest, most sexiest self… but before we go any further you might be reading this thinking “WOW this girl just exudes confidence” but girl - you have no idea where this story began from.

Back in college when I gained 20 pounds, I was left with clothes I didn’t feel my best in and totally uncomfortable in my body. Determined to lose the weight, you bet your ass I started dieting and exercising! And while the weight came off, what also came with that was too much restriction (say buh bye to happy hour with my sorority sisters) and guilt if I ever missed a damn workout. I looked “awesome” but felt like a hot mess and couldn’t maintain my results.

“Us women deserve to have it all. We can be smart, sexy, confident and love the way we look at the same time.”

It wasn’t until I started studying nutrition in pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietitian that I realized I had to change my entire approach to how I fueled my body with food and even how I exercised for my goals. If not? I was going to continue to be food obsessed and frustrated with how I looked.

Now after 10 years, 2 degrees and over 1,000 transformations later, I’ve created The Sorority Nutritionist to teach you to fuel your body for lasting and balanced weight loss. My goal as a Registered Dietitian in the weight loss space is to not only inspire women to lose weight in a balanced and fun way, but to also make sure no woman feels guilty about wanting to be HOT, healthy, and successful.









How I got here!

December 2012

Gained the freshman 20
Felt more insecure and not confident
Wasn’t sure how to make a change

October 2014

Lost 30 pounds! But started to become obsessed with food and my weight
Got accepted into the Dietetics program at Florida State

May 2013

Started to diet
Quickly turned into eating as little as possible and running 6-7 miles a day

July 2015

Food controlled me and my social life
I started to realize something was wrong

February 2016

Finally stopped being a strict vegetarian
Started strength training with my now husband
Decided to apply for my Master’s degree

January 2018

Graduated from my Master’s program and Dietetic Internship
After getting declined from 50+ Dietitian job applications, decided to pursue private practice to help women lose weight the FUN way


Founder and CEO of The Sorority Nutritionist! Helping thousands of women as a Registered Dietitian lose weight while having FUN with the proven framework I've developed based on my personal experience dieting!

My credentials:

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (Florida State)

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (Boston University)

1-year Dietetic Internship (University of Massachusetts Medical Center)

5 years weight loss coaching experience with over 1,000 women

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