Meet Dietitian
Lauren Hubert MS, RD

As a woman who struggled with my weight and relationship to food before becoming a Registered Dietitian, I know just how badly you want to feel confident and amazing in your body. Now it's time to ensure all your effort and hard work actually works, by dieting the right way.

A little bit about me

Hey girlfriend! I'm Lauren Hubert, the Registered Dietitian and sought-after weight loss expert behind the brand, The Sorority Nutritionist.

Empowering the everyday hot girl, my company, weight loss formula and coaching changed the lives of thousands of women through my Hot, Healthy, Never Hungry Method® which makes weight loss less scary, stigmatized, and frankly, way less boring!

I am uniquely ready to help you achieve our goals because I was you.

Determined to lose the 20 pounds I gained my freshman year of college, I began over-exercising and restricting my food to 1000 calories because of what I found on the internet. When I finally began studying nutrition, I realized my entire approach to dieting was all wrong and was actually hurting my metabolism!

Now as a Registered Dietitian, I have taken my own struggles and made it her passion to show you how to transform your body, get real results on the scale and actually have fun doing it.









How I got here!

December 2012

Gained the freshman 20
Felt more insecure and not confident
Wasn’t sure how to make a change

October 2014

Lost 30 pounds! But started to become obsessed with food and my weight
Got accepted into the Dietetics program at Florida State

May 2013

Started to diet
Quickly turned into eating as little as possible and running 6-7 miles a day

July 2015

Food controlled me and my social life
I started to realize something was wrong

February 2016

Finally stopped being a strict vegetarian
Started strength training with my now husband
Decided to apply for my Master’s degree

January 2018

Graduated from my Master’s program and Dietetic Internship. Decided to pursue private practice to help women lose weight in a practical, fun and realistic way


Founder and CEO of The Sorority Nutritionist! Helping thousands of women as a Registered Dietitian lose weight while having FUN with the proven framework I've developed as a Registered Dietitian

My credentials:

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (Florida State)

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (Boston University)

1-year Dietetic Internship (University of Massachusetts Medical Center)

5 years weight loss coaching experience with over 3,000 women

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