I know what it feels like, babe!

Hey babe! I’m Lauren, a Registered Dietitian and online weight loss coach. I’m ready to help you lose weight, gain confidence and love the way you look! Besides the hundreds of women I’ve been able to transform in my private practice, I’m ready to help you because I was you. I’ve taken my own struggles with managing my weight and hating my body to inspire other women to learn balanced eating that makes you look and feel amazing.

i promise you that you can do this!

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Let me drop in with weekly weight loss inspiration, my fave products, and simple healthy eating tips created with Y-O-U in mind, because no one likes getting junk mail, am I right?

    There was a time before I became a registered dietitian when I felt extremely frustrated with how I looked and felt so confused about what to eat to manage my weight. After gaining nearly 20 pounds I was left struggling with my self-confidence and insecure in my body. Although I was having the time of my life I felt so uncomfortable in my skin and inspired to make a change.

    Determined to lose the weight, I began running 6-7 miles every day and switching up my diet. This led me to cutting out entire food groups, following diet program after diet program and developing unhealthy eating behaviors.

    It wasn’t until I began studying nutrition when I realized my entire approach to “dieting” was ALL WRONG! 

    After navigating diets that left my social life in shambles and food guilt at an all time high, I got accepted to pursue my Master’s degree in Nutrition that my entire mindset towards food changed.

    This was when I began to realize that eating and managing your weight is a lot easier than all these diet programs make it to be. My approach to nutrition is balanced, simple and FUN. As a registered dietitian, I took my own struggles with poor body image and disordered eating to create a successful online private practice where I get to show women how to lose weight, feel confident and create sustainable eating habits so they can be the best version of themselves.


    Having fun, giving it REAL, strong drinks, calorie tracking, balance, FUN foods, being your best damn self.

    I'm NOT ABOUT:

    Judgement of others, holding yourself back, being negative, restriction, being alone.


    Podcasting, watching Real Housewives on the couch with a glass of wine, coaching calls and on my Instagram story.

    daily rituals

    Morning affirmations, cuddles with my adorable pups, avo toast, peloton workouts, strength training, and a strong cup of coffee! 

    “I've lost over 20 pounds by focusing on calories and protein. It freaking WORKS!”


    this can be you:

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