Episode 135: The WORST Diet & Exercise Advice From Trainers

This week’s episode is going to break down some of the absolute WORST diet and exercise advice your trainer unfortunately may have given you in hopes of losing weight… and why you shouldn’t follow it!

I get it. There is so much misinformation and sometimes just plain toxic diet and exercise advice floating around in the weight loss space! I mean I gotta be real, even my clients while working with me sometimes have been told to do very unhealthy things to see progress from someone they thought they could trust.

That’s why in this episode I am sharing the 5 WORST pieces of advice that you might have heard from a trainer, a nutritionist, the internet or just someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. I explain the exact reasons why this guidance isn’t rooted in science or your best interest, so let’s bust some of these myths, ladies!

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