You Don’t Have To Choose Between
Hot & Healthy

You Don’t
Have To Choose
 Between Hot
& Healthy

You can have it all!

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Struggling to lose weight? it's time for the no BS weight loss subscription unlike any diet you’ve ever tried. 

Built from a proven methodology and three-step framework, the Membership simplifies weight loss. You don't have to choose between hot & healthy!™ And instead can finally live your and happiest life!

Michelle lost over 20 lbs before her wedding!

Danielle hit 30 lbs down before her 30th!

Ashley lost 22 lbs for her wedding day!

Michelle lost over 20 lbs before her wedding!

"Its wild looking at these side by side. I’m extremely proud of myself but honestly I can’t believe it’s the same person. Looking back I never really thought I was that out of shape but I was always hiding under clothes and never faced it head on. Now I'm so confident! Thank you so freaking much!!!!"

Danielle hit 30 lbs down before her 30th!

"Just because your plateauing doesn’t mean your stuck, there are resources like TSN that can help you! What really worked for me was planning my food in the morning, really making sure I had at least 20 grams of protein with each mean AND increasing my fiber (this was a big one)!"

Ashley lost 22 lbs for her wedding day!

"I really think the flexibility of TSN helped me achieve my goal! You of course have to be in the calorie deficit, but there are no foods that are off limits! This helped change my mindset. I have always struggled with food, what’s a “healthy” food and a “bad food”, never eating white bread - but not anymore!"

Hey Babes!

it’s me lauren, registered dietitian, weight loss bff, & the sorority nutritionist.

it’s me lauren, registered dietitian, weight loss
bff, & the sorority nutritionist.

I believe you can be hot and healthy, and truly have it all. You’re here because you are finally ready to commit to losing weight once and for all. You’re ready. I’m ready. Let’s fucking do this. 

Real Talk, this is
perfect for you if….

You’re committed to doing what it takes to lose that damn weight

You’re so over losing and regaining the same 5 pounds

You’re eating “clean”, but aren’t seeing any changes in your body

You’re so over seeing no results, overeating on the weekend
and then starting over every Monday

You’re fed up and unhappy with your body and just wish you
could feel more confident

We’ve helped              women achieve
confidence with their bodies!

Ok, So What If I Told You…

You don't have to choose between being hot or being healthy

You will lose weight, shed fat and learn how to keep it off for good

You will learn how to calorie track (the right way)

You will eat the foods you love again and stop overthinking your diet

You will feel freaking HOT, confident, sexy, and finally not have fear of gaining it back


We’ve helped
              women achieve
confidence with their bodies!


Sign up for the The Membership Program.

Work through the core videos where you will learn how to get your calories in check!

Join the community where you will have access to registered dietitians 5 days a week who will work with you to approve your calorie range.

Receive continued support from other women in the hot and healthy community and monthly 10 minute talks.

Lose weight. Enjoy Life. Feel freaking hot. 

you don't have to choose between hot and Healthy: The membership

for women who are ready to show up and become their most confident, unstoppable, and sexy self.

The Membership is a three-step framework proven to get you real weight loss results. We are rooted in the science behind weight loss and integrate calorie tracking to build calorie awareness so you can make your food work for you. Plus, we are always having fun, because your diet shouldn’t suck the life out of you. 

Here is how it goes down:






These hot & healthy babes have done it, so can you!

I’m Lauren,

real talk: i may be an absolute
expert when it comes to weight loss as a registered dietitian, but i truly understand the struggle because i was you. 

After gaining 20 pounds my freshman year of college, I was left struggling with my own weight and following restrictive diet advice.
I cut my calories so low and every time I ate “bad” foods, I punished myself through exercise forcing myself to run 6-7 miles per day! It wasn’t until I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics that I said to myself: “Hot damn! Why are you doing this!?” It was then, during Master’s in Clinical Nutrition, that I realized how I was going to disrupt traditional dieting and achieve my most confident self. 

Since the day I started my career, I’ve felt so determined to truly change the way women lose weight. My mission with The Sorority Nutritionist is not just about achieving a goal weight and counting calories, it’s about truly transforming your body, making weight loss simple and having a plan that lasts a lifetime. Because the truth is, life is too short to not look and feel like your absolute hottest self.

The Sorority  Nutritionist. 

Take a peek
Inside TSN

We believe in total transparency. So, here’s what how we will help you become your hottest & healthiest self when you sign up!

Exclusive Video Tutorials that will guide you through your transformation. This includes over 4 hours of content to help you learn how to eat for fat loss.

A Personalized Calorie Budget for weight loss that will take into account your lifestyle, current eating
habits and exercise.

The TSN Community, filled with motivating women who make you feel heard, supported and understand what you’re going through to lift you up when you want
to give up.

Access to Registered Dietitians available to you 5 days a week who approve your calorie budget and answer your questions.

Monthly "10 minute talks" with Lauren where she records an exclusive video on topics members want to learn more about to stay motivated and on track!

Exclusive weight loss resources including grocery shopping lists, simple fat loss recipes and sample meal plans based on your personalized calorie goals

If you’ve made it this far and failed diets before… you probably are stuck in the cycle of dieting, always looking for that magic freaking fix. Well, REAL TALK a diet plan isn’t going to teach you how to lose weight, babe! Diets can’t save you, you have to save your damn self. And at TSN, we’re not here to put you on a diet plan or tell you to avoid bread, pasta, peanut butter or cheese! 

Instead, TSN was built on education and empowerment. Because how the F are you supposed to lose weight if you don’t get to the real root of why you haven’t been able to see results before. It’s time to ditch the cycle of dieting that leaves you heavier than when you started and actually put in the real, meaningful work of figuring out how the F you need to eat for the body of your dreams.

you didn’t fail the diet,
diets have failed you.

The   truth   is

Hear It From Real TSN Babes Who Know….

More tsn
success stories

"The TSN Membership has completely changed my life! Prior to this I had
spent a lot of money on other diet/ weight loss programs and this is the only program where I actually have seen the scale move! I am down 10 pounds since I started, I don’t even feel like I’m following a program or dieting!"

"Before joining, I had no idea how to count calories, had such a bad relationship with food, and saw exercise as punishment. My mindset about weight loss and food has completely shifted! Lauren teaches you how to go at your own pace, so you don't constantly feel down about your progress."

"I LOVE Lauren's Membership! Not only has my body DRASTICALLY changed, but I've learned that weight loss is so much more than what you see on the scale! Lauren has put so much work in the Membership, between the recipes, T&T challenge, and the TSN team providing feedback... it's SO valuable!"

"I had tried so many diets, just to gain the weight back over and over again. I needed a change for good, so I joined Lauren's Membership. Lauren taught me exactly how many calories i should be eating and it's made sticking to my goals so much easier!"

You don't have to choose between hot and healthy™ - The Membership is proven to transform your body, habits, and confidence. With access to our science-backed methods that have helped thousands of women lose weight, you will learn how to eat less than what you burn and experience a real transformation.

Commit to either a monthly or yearly auto-renew cycle and say YES to becoming the hottest YOU!

Invest In You.
Become a Member

sexy starter

Every Month


- Exclusive video tutorials and weight loss resources to help you eat for fat loss including meal plans, grocery lists and simple recipes
- A personalized calorie budget
- Access to TSN Community and Registered Dietitians


hot girl transformation


- Exclusive video tutorials and weight loss resources to help you eat for fat loss including meal plans, grocery lists and simple recipes
- A personalized calorie budget
- Access to TSN Community and Registered Dietitians

And these bonuses!
- How to track macros to tone up and shed fat
- Fat loss food lists
- Fat burning smoothie recipes
- Flat tummy solution to help you tighten your midsection
- Hot body workout plan


For babes hoping to lose 10-20 pounds in the next 90 days and learn the basics

Every Year

For babes hoping to lose 20+ pounds and want to learn how to tone up and shed fat

Got Questions?
We’ve Got Answers

What membership duration is best for me?

The Sorority Nutritionist Membership is a subscription, so therefore you can stay a member for as long as you need support, accountability and community for your goals and maintaining your results. While every babe’s journey is different, at TSN we aim for “sexy and sustainable” weight loss, not fast results that don’t last. We aim for members to lose 0.5 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week. This means if you have more weight to lose, you can expect to be in the program longer.

Can I get a refund?

All Membership sales are final. There are no refunds for any membership plan after purchase, including if your auto-pay goes through without you cancelling. If you would like to cancel your membership, please email us at

Do I have to track my calories?

While TSN is not about obsessing over calories, this program does focus and use calorie tracking to help you build awareness around your food choices. If there is any reason you do not want to or should not be calorie tracking, please do not join this program.

How long do I stay a member?

For as long as you like! Membership subscriptions renew based upon the time duration, unless you wish to discontinue your membership.

When should I expect results?

TSN is not a short term fix. Some clients may lose 0.5-2 pounds per week right when they join and start implementing Lauren’s proven framework, while other members may need more time and patience surrounding their results. What makes TSN different is that we normalize what a real weight loss journey looks like, so you can feel empowered about your results and feel in control that what you are doing is going to get your results. Of course, we cannot guarantee that our method will work for everyone. It is your responsibility to show up for yourself, put in the work and develop a strong mindset.

What if I only have 5-10 pounds to lose?

I got you, babe! If your goal is to lose your last 10 pounds, my method will teach you exactly that. There are resources on the last 5-10 pounds in the program so you can shed fat and maintain your results.

Are private coaching calls included in the membership?

The TSN membership does not include private coaching or private coaching calls.

I've heard you talk about coaching. Is this the same thing?

The Sorority Nutritionist Membership is not a coaching program. If you are wanting more personalized support, 90 Day Fit Babe Body provides this type of support!

Do you offer payment plans?

We don’t currently offer payment plans.

Is this a good fit if I am vegan or vegetarian?

The TSN Membership teaches you how to eat the right personalized calorie range for weight loss alongside balancing your plate, therefore if you are vegan or vegetarian you can still see results. There are vegan and vegetarian protein alternatives to help you make these swaps and still follow this program, however the meal plans are not suited for vegans.

Can I purchase a Membership as a gift?

Yes! To purchase the Membership as a gift for a loved one, family member or friend, please email us at so we can help you do this!

I have another question…

We would love to help you in any way we can. Please email and let’s talk about it!

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