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After coaching thousands of women in my private practice as a Registered Dietitian, I realized just how much bullshit is really all over the internet that is ruining your relationship with food and causing you to gain weight!

After years of coaching women to break down their bad dieting habits, I know exactly why you're not seeing results, and I'm here to teach you how to eat the right amount of calories and foods for simple, lasting weight loss.

Issue is, the investment in private coaching can feel expensive and extremely scary when you've failed so many programs before. That's why I created this Membership program so every woman get access to my simple, science-backed method for fat loss that has transformed my body, confidence and mindset to food.

With this Membership you can get unlimited access to my proven program and figure out how many calories you need for weight loss alongside the best weight loss recipes, workouts and members-only accountability and support.


let me guess: you keep going on diets, don't see results, feel frustrated then give up until until you're ready to start again. The truth is, it's not your willpower or a messed up metabolism...

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Inside the Membership, we show you how to calculate your calories for weight loss and ensure your numbers are accurate! Team TSN is in the members-only Community area Monday through Friday for support with setting and adjusting your calories based on your progress.

Each month there are 2 members-only live videos that you can attend to ask your burning questions directly to Lauren herself, hear from other women in real-time from the community and get a boost of motivation to stay on track with your goals!

We're always updating content in the Membership with everything you could possibly want and need to know to transform your body! You'll get exclusive access to exclusive content to learn Lauren's proven weight loss method with over 4 hours of content she's developed in her career as a Registered Dietitian.

Each month Lauren will share her exclusive top picks to help you stay motivated, inspired and excited to eat healthy. You can expect topics ranging from exclusive grocery hauls that features her favorite low calorie products for weight loss alongside recipe inspiration and guides featuring more information on weight loss topics like snacking, fat loss, losing the last 10 or how to eat more protein.

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Consistently, our members tell us that the private community is the BEST bit of The Sorority Nutritionist Membership. It is packed with women who not only share the same struggles and frustrations as you, but also are supportive and cannot wait to be your biggest cheerleader.

Whether you are looking to lose your last little bit of fat to tone up, have 50+ pounds to lose, have never tracked your calories before or are ready to dive into macros - you'll be supported ALWAYS! Team TSN is in the community 5 days per week to offer support, answer struggles, motivate you and ensure you have a game plan.


Fat loss meal plans broken down by calories
65+ TSN-approved recipes
4+ hours of exclusive video content
50+ page interactive workbook
Self Sabotage Journaling Prompts
Progress Tracker
Workout Guides
MyFitnessPal Getting Started Tutorials

Private Community

Although at TSN we believe "food first + exercise second", how you move that fit babe body impacts how your body transforms! As part of your Membership you get access to TSN Workout Guides alongside Members-Only challenges that are designed to help you shed fat, build muscle and lean out your body. 

As a member, the Tighten & Tone Challenge is an 8-week fat loss challenge filled with weekly workouts that can be done at home or in the gym and weekly nutrition tips that build upon the TSN framework to help you uplevel your plan to get more results.

Members-Only Challenges

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Look at these transformations!

“It's wild looking at these side by side. I’m extremely proud of myself but honestly I can’t believe it’s the same person. Looking back I never really thought I was that out of shape but I was always hiding under clothes and never faced it head on. Thank you so much!!!!"

- Michelle

the after >

< the before

"I used to HATE taking photos with my friends, because I always felt like the chubby girl on the end. I started at 170 pounds, and today I'm officially 149 pounds... my lowest weight! But it's not about the number, I feel strong, confident and capable!"

- Kate

the after >

< the before

“The before photo is the day I started following TSN, I couldn't stick to anything. I am so proud of my after photo! My face is slimmer, I have a waist line and I'm 15.4 pounds down since calorie tracking!"

- Savannah

the after >

< the before

The Sorority Nutritionist Membership is a weight loss subscription that will show you how to eat the right calories and portions of foods for your goals. Inside the program you will learn Lauren's proven framework that’s a blend of calorie tracking and mindful eating so you can learn the effective science-backed strategies to result in real fat loss and body change.


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Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for any membership plan after purchase. There are also no refunds if your auto-pay goes through without you cancelling.

If you would like to cancel your membership, please email us at support@thesororitynutritionist.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What membership duration is best for me?

The TSN Membership is a subscription, meaning that you can stay a member for as long as you need support- even after you achieve your goal weight if you want support and community to keep the weight off.

Inside this program alongside learning balanced fueling for fat loss, we aim for clients to lose 0.5 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week. This means if you have more weight to lose, you can expect to be in the program longer.

How long do I stay a member?

Membership subscriptions renew based upon the time duration, unless you wish to discontinue your membership.

When should I expect results?

When you begin eating the right calories and following our proven method, you should begin losing 0.5-2 pounds per week. TSN and the tools we provide inside this membership have helped hundreds of women around the world lose weight and keep it off successfully. Of course, we cannot guarantee that our method will work for everyone. It is your responsibility to show up for yourself and put in the work.

What if I only have 5-10 pounds to lose?

I got you, babe! If your goal is to lose your last 10 pounds, my method will teach you exactly that.

Are private coaching calls included in the membership?

The TSN membership does not include private coaching or private coaching calls. There are two monthly live Q&A videos where you can ask your questions to Lauren in addition to weekly support from Lauren and her Registered Dietitian team!

I've heard you talk about coaching. Is this the same thing?

The Sorority Nutritionist Membership is not the same as my exclusive private coaching program. Click here for more information on private coaching.

The Membership teaches you how to eat the right personalized calorie range for weight loss alongside balancing your plate, therefore if you are vegan or vegetarian you can still see results.

There are vegan and vegetarian protein alternatives to help you make these swaps and still follow TSN Weight Loss. However, the meal plans are not suited for vegetarians.

Yes! To purchase the Membership as a gift for a loved one, family member or friend, please email us at support@thesororitynutritionist.com so we can help you do this!

Do you offer payment plans?

Is this a good fit if I am vegan or vegetarian? 

Can I purchase a TSN Membership as a gift?

I have another question

We don’t currently offer payment plans.

We would love to help you in any way we can. Please email support@thesororitynutritionist.com and let’s talk about it!

Do I have to calorie track?

If there is any reason you do not want to or should not be calorie tracking, please do not join this program as it is not the best program for you.

The Membership uses calorie tracking as as tool for accountability and education as part of the proven weight loss framework.

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