How to make Starbucks Pistachio Latte Low in Calories

I get so excited when new flavors are dropped, and thank the lord Starbucks brought back their pistachio flavor after this holiday season! It’s exactly what I needed!!!

One of the new and most popular items that has so much hype around it is their Pistachio Latte. While all foods fit when following The Sorority Nutritionist because your total calories are KING, it still doesn’t make this drink the healthiest option on their menu.

That’s because although 1 grande iced pistachio latte only packs 260 calories which doesn’t sound that “bad” it does also pack 40 grams of sugar! To put in perspective, 1 serving of ice cream packs 14 grams of sugar so 40 grams really isn’t a “coffee” drink… it’s definitely a FUN treat!

That’s why if you’re trying to lose weight, it can be better and still enjoyable to make adjustments to your coffee order if you love this pistachio situation.

Unfortunately it’s hard to find the nutrition facts for the pistachio sauce even with my Starbucks barista connections (LOL), but I do know that most sauces at Starbucks have ~60 calories per pump. According to barista’s I chat with from Starbucks and Starbuck’s website, there are 4 pumps in a grande pistachio latte and a salted brown butter topping.

Unfortunately, the math doesn’t exactly add up to how 4 pumps of Pistachio sauce put inside a latte couldn’t be 320 calories… but that’s for another day.

To save you calories, I’d recommending ordering either less pumps on the grande pistachio latte (can save you roughly 35 calories per pump you remove) to make it lower calorie for your weight loss goals. Or you can order a black hot or iced coffee and make a fun drink like this pistachio vanilla iced coffee I featured on my Instagram!

To order ask for a grande iced coffee (5 calories) with splash of oat milk (~25 calories), 1 pump pistachio sauce (estimated around 35 calories) and 1 pump sugar free vanilla (0 calories)

You can also order this hot as a blonde roast or in an Americano the same way!

xoxo, Lauren

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