Episode 26: Weight loss plateaus (and what to do if you’re REALLY in a plateau to break past it!)

This week on The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast, Lauren goes solo to discuss that dreaded P word – plateaus! Lauren gets real about how to know if you are really in a plateau (remember babes, it’s not just about the number on the scale!), and what to do to break past it! She shares how the TSN membership is helping fit babes all over not only break past their weight loss plateaus, but is also helping them to track their progress is more ways than just the number on the scale!

Lauren breaks down her 5 steps in the TSN checklist for progress and explains how each step is important for both your weight loss journey and breaking past possible plateaus!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • (2:18): “So at TSN – and for my membership babes, you guys already know this – there are 3 major ways that I like to track physical progress for my clients, that I find so helpful…”
  • (8:07): “Let’s talk about how to know if you’re actually in a plateau.”
  • (9:08): “If you are your first couple weeks into coaching, you’re getting more active, you’re doing the right things… you may not see that scale go down. I’ve even had it where my clients even gain a little weight at first, maybe because their diet was just such a hot mess express before…”
  • (10:30) Like I said, 3-4 weeks of no weight loss, but you see a drop in measurements or how your clothing fits… I don’t want you to jump to cutting out a shit ton more calories or adjusting anything…”
  • (12:25): “If you are not seeing a lot weight loss, or you are really maintaining your weight… but you are seeing improvements in measurements over the past 4 weeks, your progress photos, you’re feeling more leaner… don’t jump, you probably aren’t in a plateau”
  • (14:20): Lauren talks about the TSN checklist for progress.

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