Episode 25: Membership babes Kate, Jill & Rachel share their friend group weight loss struggles

This week on The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast, Lauren is joined by Membership babes Kate, Jill & Rachel who are also besties in real life! We chat all things weight loss progress when you feel down about your results, fitting your social life into your goals and getting support to make sure you don’t self sabotage!

These fit babes share how the TSN Membership is a lot like their friendship in that it’s a total safe space for support and motivation to hit their weight loss goals (Spoiler alert! Between these three babes they are already down over 30 pounds following the TSN method!) They discuss how they support one another despite their different starting weights and journeys!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • (7:00): Lauren asks the girls, “So you have this amazing group chat… what are the programs you guys have been on before, together?”
  • (8:22): Rachel says to Lauren “Your plan is different because you can still incorporate, you know, having wine, or going out with a friend, having fun foods and not feeling like starving all the time!”
  • (9:32): Kate says, “I feel like I’ve always been someone that I can’t really give thing up…. It’s always been hard for me to really cut stuff out that I enjoy out of my life, so I feel like when I found TSN, it was like ‘You can have all of this stuff! Just make small little lifestyle changes!'”
  • (13:16) Lauren asks Kate about her calorie range for weight loss when she first started with TSN at her highest weight.
  • (19:59): Lauren says, “Someone else losing weight isn’t impacting your success… that’s why I think weight loss is really cool because really, everyone wins!
  • (21:30): Lauren says to the girls, “Say one of you is not doing as well, one of you is getting off track… how do you hype each other up and still also keep yourself on track?”
  • (32:30) Jill says, “Just knowing that it’s about the average of the week is so much easier mentally for me because I don’t put pressure on myself every day.”

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