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Lose fat and never
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Are you so freaking frustrated and annoyed that you can’t figure out why you’re not seeing results on the scale? I get it, I was you.

And after helping thousands of women lose weight, tone up and actually love the way they eat with my proven method, I’m here to show you exactly how to transform your body and feel absolutely proud of the way you look!

Hot girls who transformed their body and confidence


Sophia lost 15 lbs while eating Chipotle and Cheesecake Factory!

20 lbs down by focusing on calories and protein!

Michelle lost 10 lbs in round 1 of 90 Day FBB, then focused on fat loss to tone up

Angelina lost 5.5 lbs fitting Nutella into her calories EVERY NIGHT

2 lbs in 6 weeks and MAJOR belly fat loss by eating balanced meals daily

Rachel lost 7 lbs & shed fat by allowing cookies in her diet (so she wouldn't overeat them)

before, 2 weeks after initial consult to 1 month into coaching! 5 lbs down through calorie tracking + walking

Gabi lost 20 lbs and doesn't feel the need to hide her body in pictures!

Sadie went from losing 5 & then gaining it back to being 10 lbs down and her jeans finally fit

Kate lost over 20 lbs and realized it wasn't about having the lowest weight, it was about feeling confident

Victoria went from having zero willpower to losing 10 lbs while eating chick-fil-a

Ashley lost 22 lbs before her wedding and finally doesn't restrict "bad foods" from her diet

Alex went from new mama not feeling her best to HOT MAMA in a pink bikini! All while eating Chick Fil A

In 5 week's Emma's confidence completely transformed... she believed she finally could do this!

Savannah went from not being able to stick to ANYTHING to dropping 15.4 lbs down calorie tracking + mindful eating

Claire lost over 30 lbs and finally has confidence, strength and self love

I've lost 10 lbs and literally would NEVER post this photo on IG if it wasn't for TSN

Nicole lost 22 lbs DURING THE HOLIDAYS

Shea lost 22 lbs for her wedding and LIFE!

How Private Coaching works:

Having a plan and a person to go to when questions come up or you’re feeling overwhelmed is so important. Consider me your hot and healthy mentor! I’m here to guide you over the next 3 months with my expertise, proven method and compassionate support.

Personalized Support
from Lauren

Coaching Calls

Weekly Check Ins

Nothing compares to getting your personal questions answered by me in real time. Throughout the 3 months we’ll have monthly one on one coaching sessions to give you specific action steps, accountability and the opportunity to work through any blocks you’re experiencing to make sure you’re seeing results.

In between our coaching sessions you will have direct access to me for questions or concerns that come up so you don’t feel alone!

Actual Results

I know it sounds too good to be true when you’ve failed other programs filled with empty promises, but what makes TSN actually different besides making dieting feel “easy” is the fact my clients actually see results.

You can lose weight when you identify what habits or food decisions you need to change. And when I help you make these changes you will finally see the scale move, stop stressing about losing weight and get excited about going shopping for outfits because you actually feel confident!

Rachel toned up

Victoria lost 10lbs

Kate lost 20+ lbs

Claire lost 30+ lbs

Are you ready to transform your body and your relationship to food?

If you are ready to finally feel freaking hot, amazing and sexy in your body by truly getting to the root of why your weight is
a hot mess and see some serious results - private coaching is for you!

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