Let's Build Your Dream Body Babe!

Are you so freaking frustrated you keep starting diets only to fall off the wagon every time and literally feel so bad about the way you look? I get it, I was you. And I'm here to show you how to lose weight and regain that confidence in yourself for the first time ever!

There is nothing worse than feeling like your body doesn’t match the real you. You’re fun, outgoing, super successful and feel like you have it going ON, but your body doesn’t match the full package you feel like you really are.

BUT THE TRUTH IS weight loss is actually so easy when you have a plan and support

I know this feeling all too well, because I was you. Neglecting your body as you pursue your career goals and life dreams does catch up to you, but there is a way to start prioritizing yourself, lose the weight and change your body without following restrictive diets that take so much discipline and fun out of your life!

Become a fit babe

hot damn!

Private Coaching


Having a plan and a person to go to when questions come up or you’re feeling overwhelmed is so important. Consider me your hot and healthy mentor! I’m here to guide you over the next 3 months with my expertise, proven method and compassionate support.

Every week you will submit an accountability check in form to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals and any real-time struggles or situations that come up will be addressed!

3 months of exclusive access to Lauren

Weekly check ins for accountability

We’ll spend our first call not just reviewing your diet and mapping out a weight loss plan, but diving deep into your lifestyle, mindset and big vision life goals so we can help you not just become physically fit and confident, but create the success and happiness you want in your life.

In between our coaching sessions, you have direct access to me for questions or concerns that come up so you don't feel alone!

You’ll receive access to Lauren’s exclusive Membership. This is where you’ll be able to connect with other hundreds of women inside The Sorority Nutritionist Community. There are also monthly grocery hauls, meal plans, workout guides and exclusive videos.

Hot and Healthy Planning Call

Private app for
in-between support

Access to Lauren’s exclusive content

Nothing compares to getting your personal questions answered by me in real time. Two times per month, we’ll hop on a private Zoom call where you can work through any blocks you’re experiencing and make sure you’re staying on track with your goals.

Bi-monthly coaching calls

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"I didn't have to give up anything I love to lose weight... this is epic!"

During the first 7 weeks of coaching, Dakota lost 10 pounds by eating the right calories. During her last 6 weeks in the program, she only lost 1.8 pounds. That's when she saw these photos and said to me... "PROGRESS PHOTOS ARE KING" because although she lost 1.8 pounds in her final 6 weeks of coaching, she transformed her body. She lost fat. She toned up. She crushed it!


GOT bikini body ready


"I didn't lose a ton of weight but I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore!"

Michelle lost 10 pounds in her first 3 months working with me, then went on to focus on fat loss. Months 4 and 5 she didn't lose weight, but following TSN she was able to tone up her body. She's lost over an inch on her arms and her abs are showing! She is smaller than she was at 20 years old... she's 40 now!


lost belly fat

"I am eating the healthiest that I have ever ate in my entire life!"

When Alex started with me, she literally told me she never would have imaged herself in a bikini. She wanted to lose weight and fit back into her work pants... that was her goal. That's why a huge milestone for Alex that she shared with the other babes inside the group was buying a new neon pink bikini!


now wears a bikini

Because of the exclusive and high end coaching experience, I only take a select few women who are really determined to lose weight and motivated to achieve their goals.

If you're fed up with starting over every Monday and annoyed at yourself for not being able to have the willpower to stick to your over-restrictive diet to lose weight, you need a new plan babe!

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