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Are you so freaking frustrated and annoyed that you can’t figure out why you’re not seeing results on the scale? I get it, I was you.


Lose fat & never worry about gaining it back!

I know it sounds too good to be true when you’ve failed other programs filled with empty promises, but what makes TSN actually different besides making dieting feel “easy” is the fact my clients actually see results.

You can lose weight when you identify what habits or food decisions you need to change. And when I help you make these changes you will finally see the scale move, stop stressing about losing weight and get excited about going shopping for outfits because you actually feel confident!

I’m here to show you exactly how to transform your body and feel absolutely proud of the way you look!

& Actually Love The Way They Eat With My Proven Method

After Helping Thousands of Women LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP 

& finally has confidence, strength and self love

Claire Lost 30 Lbs


Sophia Lost 15 Lbs

while eating chick-fil-a & GAINING WILLPOWER!

Victoria Lost 10 Lbs

& doesn't restrict "bad foods" from her diet!

Ashley Lost 22 Lbs

WITH calorie tracking + mindful eating!

Savannah Lost 15.4 Lbs

amazing private coaching results

 "I lost 11 pounds in 13 weeks and feel like my best self again."

"I ended up losing over 40 lbs throughout COACHING & 90 DAY FIT BABE BODY!"

"I ended up losing 15 pounds and have kept it off since!"

"I have kept off every single pound since working with Lauren."

"Not only have I lost weight, but I've also gained confidence"

"I'm officially down my first 10 lbs for my 40th birthday!"

"I ended up losing 8 POUNDS before our wedding!"

"Lauren helped me lose my first 10 lbs & changed the way I view food."

"LAUREN helped me fit everything to my lifestyle"

"I lost 10 lbs that I always struggled to lose myself."

"I never thought that weight loss could be fun!"

"Down 10 lbs in 1 month since my discovery call with lauren!"


address your limiting mindset beliefs and help you achieve a confidence inside and outside that you've never had before.

I help create a personalized plan to sculpt your dream body

In between our coaching sessions you will have direct access to me for questions or concerns that come up so you don’t feel alone! I set my clients up in an app called Voxer (a Walkie Talkie messaging app) so you can chat with me whenever any struggles or questions arise.

In-Between Texting Support


Nothing compares to getting your personal questions answered by me in real time. Throughout the 4 months we’ll have monthly private coaching sessions to give you specific action steps, accountability, and the opportunity to work through any blocks you’re experiencing to make sure you’re seeing results.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions


My only goal is to help you lose weight faster and feel better doing it by having a plan that fits your lifestyle AND is realistic. Throughout our 4 months working together I will guide you and tell you exactly what to do (and what to eat) to lose weight so week after week, you’re showing up for yourself.

Personalized Support From Lauren


How Private Coaching Works

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lost 5.5 lbs fitting Nutella into her calories EVERY NIGHT!

lost 10 lbs in 90 Day FBB, then focused on fat loss to tone up

20 lbs down by focusing on calories and protein!

2 lbs in 6 weeks and MAJOR fat loss from balanced eating


Hot girls who transformed  their body & confidence

lost 10 lbs & SHE FINALLY feelS like SHE'S on the right track!

In just 5 weekS, HER confidence completely transformed!

lost over 20 lbs & realized it was about feeling confident

lost 22 lbs for her wedding and LIFE!

lost 20 lbs and doesn't feel the need to hide her body anymore!

5 lbs down through calorie tracking + walking

lost 7 lbs & shed fat by allowing cookies in her diet!

SADIE IS DOWN 10 lbs and her jeans CAN finally fit!

Are you ready to transform your body & your relationship to food?


Alex went from new mama not feeling her best to HOT MAMA in a pink bikini! 

by truly getting to the root of why your weight is a hot mess and see some serious results - private coaching is for you!

If You're Ready to FINALLY Feel Freaking Hot, Amazing & Sexy In Your Body

work with our team in our 90 day coaching program

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