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Episode 94: Losing Your First 10 is Different Than Your Next 10

The sorority nutritionist podcast 

May 12, 2022

For some of you ladies, once you’ve started that journey to your dream body that first 10 pounds might have felt “easy” compared to what comes next! But there’s a reason that the next 10 feel harder…

In this episode, I’m here to tell you why what it takes to lose your first 5-10 pounds is NOT going to be what it takes to lose your next 5-10, why you need to consistently up-level your nutrition and not just stop at calorie counting, what you can do to overcome weight loss plateaus, and why just because you there are many ways to up-level that doesn’t mean you need to complicate your plan.

PS – I also spill the tea on why calorie tracking must come before macro tracking.

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