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Episode 93: Mother Daughter Weight Loss GOALS!

The sorority nutritionist podcast 

May 5, 2022

It’s amazing when your family is supportive of your weight loss journey, and even better when they want to join in! Kate joined TSN to start working towards her goals, and when her mom Sandy found out how she was shedding the pounds, she joined too! So to celebrate Mother’s Day, I thought they were the perfect guests to have on the podcast!

On this episode I chat with Kate and Sandy about their inspiration to lose weight, how they support each other on their weight loss journeys, and how they’ve been able to transform their mindset, relationship to food and eating habits to actually LOVE their diet while losing weight.

Not to mention Kate has lost 30 lbs with TSN, and Sandy is now 15 lbs down!

If you (or your mom!) are ready to start your weight loss journey without cutting out fun foods or being too darn restrictive – this is your sign to join the TSN Membership at thesororitynutritionist.com/membership today!

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