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Episode 75: Quick fixes are a QUICK way to gain weight

The sorority nutritionist podcast 

December 30, 2021

When you’re getting ready to ring in the new year, there can be HUGE pressure on taking the next year by storm. So when you see you favorite influencer sharing detoxes and cleanses, it can definitely feel tempting to try…. but STOP RIGHT THERE! If you’re getting the urge to do a big cleanse in order to speed up your weight loss or even “jumpstart” your journey – it’s time for your weight loss BFF to save you with some hot girl real talk.

In this episode, I explain why quick fixes may work short term on the scale but end up leading to weight regain alongside how you can quiet hte noise of all these fad diets and instead just focus on your healthy, science backed weight loss journey. Plus I even call out some of the worst fad diet offenders to be wary of!

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