3 Science-Backed Strategies to Lose Fat!

If you go on Instagram and search #howtolosefat you’re going to see so many tips and may feel a little overwhelmed on where the hell to even start! From belly busting foods, celery detoxes and unfortunately even recommendations to avoid carbs all together, these tips are NOT what you should be focusing on if you’re serious about shedding fat and gaining confidence.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder why you may be feeling so darn confused about what you should eat for fat loss! There is so much noise on the internet that’s causing you to feel paralyzed about what you should eat to lose stubborn fat on your thighs and arms. I get why you feel frustrated!

Instead, I want to break down 3 science-backed strategies to help you achieve your fat loss goals, gain confidence and transform your body. Let’s begin!!

1. Eat a few hundred less calories every day

There’s a reason why I have my clients in The Sorority Nutritionist Membership track their calories in MyFitnessPal to lose weight! That’s because as part of the proven weight loss method I’ve developed as a registered dietitian, the amount of calories you eat is always the first important step to fat loss.

Simply put, to lose fat you have to eat less calories than what your body burns daily. So if you’re currently maintaining your weight, it can be assumed that the amount of calories you’re eating will continue to maintain that weight. As part of my method, this means if you cut back on even 100-300 calories every day from your current daily food intake… you will eat less than what your body burns and begin shedding fat! It’s really that simple, babes!

2. Eat protein FIRST

Okay okay, I’m not big on all or nothing “food rules” that make you only eat certain food groups but I gotta be honest: when trying to lose fat it’s really important to be intentional with your food choices so you can achieve your goals!

With that in mind, protein is so important for fat loss because it has a higher thermic effect of food (aka you burn more calories eating it compared to fat and carbohydrates). In addition, protein blunts your appetite and makes you feel satisfied.

This is why one of the best, scientifically-backed fat loss tips includes not only eating high quality proteins at meals like eggs, chicken, turkey, Greek yogurt, fish and meats… but also prioritizing eating those foods FIRST so you eat enough of them and get full off of less calories faster!

In fact, this is why all the recipes I share inside the meal plans I created for The Sorority Nutritionist Membership include at least 15-20 grams of protein (if not more) to make sure you’re getting these same benefits to be able to lose weight!

3. Track how often you eat FUN foods

You may be wondering to yourself, what are FUN foods? Over the years, I’ve heard so many clients of mine say that foods like pizza are “bad” and cause weight gain just by eating them. But truth is, no one food is fattening by itself! As a result, calling foods bad results in feelings of guilt if you eat them in the first place and increase your chances of overeating.

And you guessed it! As part of my proven weight loss method, my clients do eat FUN foods and lose weight but that doesn’t mean it’s an every day thing. When you are focused on losing fat and toning up, my clients are intentional with their food choices and work hard towards their goals!

This is why I recommend if you are really serious about shedding fat, not only begin calling these foods FUN but also tracking how often you eat them. This way you are aware of how often you are eating them and hopefully reduce the additional calories you may get from them.

All things considered, fat loss is much simpler than you may really think it is. My clients lose weight, tone up and transform their bodies not by following some crazy diet plan that cuts out entire food groups or makes you drink celery juice all day.

Instead, they lose weight with small changes we make in their diet including some of the fat loss strategies I’ve highlighted here! You got this!!

xoxo, Lauren

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