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Episode 97: When weight loss CLICKS… with fit babe Haley

The sorority nutritionist podcast 

June 2, 2022

Like many of you, today’s guest just could not figure out a weight loss plan that worked for her. Fit babe Haley tried everything and then some, including the TSN Membership! But even with knowing how to lose weight and what she should be doing, Haley struggled with executing until she realized exactly where she was going wrong.

Now after rejoining the Membership, Haley is down 10 pounds down in only 9 weeks! So, what changed?!

In this episode, I talk to Haley about her first attempt at weight loss in the Membership, how changing her mindset towards tracking and eating out made a HUGE difference, and why you never have to be restrictive in order to lose weight happily and healthily!

Don’t let anyone hold you back, including yourself! Join the TSN Membership at thesororitynutritionist.com/membership today for a fun and supportive weight loss journey.

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