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Top 5 Low Calorie Holiday Drinks at Starbucks

November 6, 2020

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Don’t get me wrong, that pumpkin cream cold brew really gets me going in fall… but I gotta be real. The holiday drinks at Starbucks featuring all things peppermint, chestnut, caramel and mocha get me even more amped up!


Since I posted about pumpkin spice everything at Starbucks alongside my usual Sorority Nutritionist Starbucks Swaps, I got so many messages about the holiday drinks at Starbucks and how to make low calorie and skinny versions to help you stay on track.

Like I always say, you can have the regular peppermint mocha or eggnog latte without guilt. No one food causes weight gain, eating more calories than what your body burns does! BUT with that in mind, many of these drinks really aren’t coffee… they are like having a slice of cake or your favorite dessert!

That’s why I’ve rounded up my favorite Top 5 Low Calorie Holiday Drinks at Starbucks to help you enjoy this amazing time of year but make it fit your weight loss goals by saving you lots of calories if you want to drink these seasonal favorites more often!

peppermint mocha cold foam: 60 calories

Completely made up this drink as inspiration from the OG peppermint mocha, and let me tell you… this is fire. Order a grande cold foam cold brew and ask for 1 pump skinny mocha in the coffee, then ask for 1 pump peppermint in the cold foam. Provides 60 calories.

You can also do this with other syrups! The cold foam cold brew is 35 calories plain. Add in these syrups to figure out the calories:

  • 1 pump caramel brulee sauce = 50 calories

  • 1 pump chestnut praline syrup = 20 calories

  • 1 pump peppermint syrup = 20 calories

  • 1 pump skinny mocha sauce = 5 calories (sorry babes, this one’s been discontinued… my heart is breaking!)

  • 1 pump regular mocha sauce = 25 calories

  • 1 pump toffee nut syrup = 20 calories

  • 1 pump sugar free vanilla syrup = 5 calories

hot peppermint mocha: 175 calories

My all time favorite… the peppermint mocha! A few years ago Starbucks got rid of their skinny peppermint syrup. 1 pump of their regular peppermint syrup is 20 calories. 1 pump skinny mocha sauce is 5 calories, versus 1 pump of their regular mocha sauce packing 25 calories per serving.

A grande peppermint mocha is 440 calories and 54 grams of sugar packing 4 pumps of regular mocha sauce. Instead, order a grande nonfat latte with 1 pump regular mocha sauce and 1 pump peppermint syrup. Provides 175 calories.

caramel brulee latte: 120 calories

A grande caramel brulee latte packs 450 calories and 47 grams of sugar, basically dessert! 1 pump of caramel brulee sauce packs 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar, so when the barista adds in multiple pumps it adds up!

Instead, order what I call a caramel brulee coffee. To order ask for 1 grande blonde roast with 1 pump caramel brulee sauce, 1 pump sugar free vanilla and a splash of cream. Provides 120 calories.

*Pro tip! You can also order this as an iced coffee instead! Nutrition facts the same.

chestnut praline latte: 125 calories

A grande chestnut praline latte packs 320 calories and 35 grams of sugar when you order with 2% milk, whipped cream and of course the delicious topping. Instead order a a chestnut praline americano! To order ask for a grande americano with 2 pumps chestnut praline syrup and a splash of your favorite milk and whipped cream. Provides roughly 125 calories.

white chocolate mocha: 95 calories

A grande white chocolate mocha packs 430 calories and 53 grams of sugar! 1 pump of their white mocha syrup packs 60 calories, so multiple pumps add up fast! Instead order a white mocha cold brew. To order ask for a grande cold brew with 1 pumps white mocha sauce & 2 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup. Top it YOURSELF with a light serving of half & half cream! Provides 95 calories.


If you don’t do caffeine, wanted to give you babes another FUN peppermint recipe because it’s such a fan favorite at Starbucks.

1 tall peppermint hot chocolate with 2% milk and whipped cream packs 350 calories and 47 grams of sugar! In terms of pumps, that’s 3 pumps of mocha sauce, 4 pumps of peppermint syrup and 1 pump of vanilla syrup! To save calories and sugar, I recommend ordering a skinny tall hot chocolate with 1 pump peppermint. Provides 150 calories and far less sugar.

I literally cannot wait to run to Starbucks and get these ASAP! If you try them, let me know how you like and tag me on Instagram @sorority.nutritionist babe!

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