23. How much fruit is too much fruit?

This week on The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast Lauren goes solo to give some real talk about a question she recently got in her Instagram DMs… How much fruit (and other foods!) is too much?

Lauren dives into how calories are king when it comes to weight loss, so understanding the nutrients and overall calories in the foods you are eating is more important than exactly how many servings you are consuming. In this episode Lauren breaks down the nutrition pyramid of priorities which is SO key to losing weight… and which areas should receive the most focus to successfully achieve your weight loss goals!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • (3:46): “I think it’s really easy to put limits on foods that are less nutritious, what I call FUN foods, what you might call bad foods…”
  • (4:30): “I never want to put rules on my clients. I think the moment we have rules, sometimes we can just be practicing that discipline and then want to go against it.”
  • (5:25): “When it comes to the question ‘How much is too much?’ I think sometimes having one a day can be really reasonable for these higher calorie foods but, there’s no exact amount of portions and that’s where we have to think about what we’re eating.”
  • (6:15): “In general, whether it’s fruit or a candy bar, there’s no serving that, if you go over that serving, you’re going to gain weight”
  • (8:22): “When it comes to the different quantities, how many calories food provides, is going to impact the amount of calories and servings you have. Every serving of food is going to provide a different amount of calories so it’s really important not just to think about how many servings you’re having, but also what is that calorie and nutritional information that we’re getting when we have multiple servings of food.”
  • (9:40): “Having multiple servings of food is not a bad thing when it comes to weight loss, and having different types of fruits and veggies is phenomenal!”
  • (12:33) “A lot of the core nutritional principals (of the TSN method) actually come from this nutrition pyramid of priorities.”

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