21. RACHEL’S STORY: Losing the Last 10 Pounds & Focusing on Fat Loss

This week on The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast Lauren sits down with former athlete Rachel discusses all things working a 9-5, being lazy, finding motivation when the scale isn’t moving and staying focused on your fat loss goals. When Rachel first found TSN, she was having a hard time focusing on fat loss. As a former collegiate lacrosse player at a D1 University, Rachel was actually so well versed in nutrition that she knew what she was doing wrong but just couldn’t figure out WHY she wasn’t able to lose weight. Truth was, Rachel had to really change her mindset because for her to lose those last 10 pounds and tone up her body she needed to figure out how to say no to food instead of impulsively eat.

In this episode we talk about breaking that overeating cycle and how it comes down so much to mindset and planning. Rachel also shares her fave tips and tricks when it comes to losing body fat and what helped her out on her journey!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • (3:52): “As soon as I graduated it was time to go to the gym, I showed up and was like ‘uhh… now what. I don’t know!’”
  • (6:00): “This situation really emphasizes the importance of walking and how basic but how powerful it is for your fat loss goals.”
  • (7:31): “At the office (not now with the pandemic) but the only food I had was the food I brought. I couldn’t just snack away! Plus my hands were busy typing!!”
  • (10:31): “Lauren, what should I be eating!? I’m so bored. But the thing is yeah you can make your food plain, but then you’re supposed to spice it up and make it fun.”
  • (13:12): “The only person to show up for yourself… is yourself.”
  • (17:32): “Something I do focus on is how clothes fit. I have a pair of shorts and shirt that I know how they feel and are supposed to feel, so I compare that to that.”
  • (20:19): “Your weight doesn’t tell you your body composition aka how much fat versus muscle that you have. This is why you can look really different at 125 vs 120 even when your weight doesn’t change much! This is why body composition is so important, especially if you strength train.”

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