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3 Steps to STOP Quarantine Overeating

Let’s be real: Overeating is really easy to find yourself doing when you’re stuck inside quarantining and so close to your kitchen. Coupled with the fact that you aren’t as active as you normally are and moving less throughout the day, eating extra servings of our favorite foods are even more tempting and add up QUICKER when it comes to weight loss.

If you find yourself overeating foods more than normal, here are my tips to break this cycle so you can get in control of your weight loss goals.

Step 1


I’m sure you have a general idea of the foods you’re overeating, but sitting down with a pen and paper (or even open up the notes section on your iPhone) is the first step to stop quarantine overeating. Once you have this list, I want you to really think about each type of food you wrote down on it and ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do I really like this food? (Could you live without it?)

  • Is this food “worth” it, or is it NOT even that tasty and amazing to you?

  • What time of day do you overeat this food?

  • How often do you find yourself overeating this food per week?

By asking yourself these questions, it gives you great insight into if this food is worth it to have in your diet, or if it’s calories that could be better used in another place to help you with weight loss.

Step 2


Once you have this list, we need to figure out why you are overeating these foods. Is it because you’re not actually getting full from meals? This happens to many of my clients when they first start working with me in my small coaching program. By focusing on adjusting portion sizes and specifically eating the right amount of protein-rich foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, turkey, and chicken at meals… my clients aren’t as tempted to dive deep into their cabinets because meals actually keep them full and satisfied. Aka when you are full you make good choices!

Another reason why you may be overeating is if you’re straight-up bored. In that case, maybe you should find another activity to distract yourself instead of just turning to food. Some of the activities I do when I’m feeling “snacky” and want to open up a bag of chips on the couch include walking my dogs, listening to a Podcast, or journaling about what I’m grateful for. I also love to put on my favorite reality TV show and first drink some water before going into my cabinets.

Step 3


Once you know WHY you are overeating, the last step to help you stay on track is to begin keeping track of your daily food intake. To help my clients lose weight, I recommend tracking your calories every day. Not only does tracking help you take the first step towards weight loss by eating the right amount for your body, but it’s also a fantastic accountability tools.

I love tracking apps like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt for babes in my coaching programs. These apps are great to help you begin picking up trends in your daily diet. Are you snacking often, or what amount of food are you actually eating? This helps you be intentional about what you’re putting into your body before you sit down with a whole bag of chips on your couch every night!

If accountability is hard for you, I also recommend not going through this journey alone. Get support and it will absolutely help you stay on track…. research shows it! “Friend” other women on your tracking app! My clients share their food diaries with me in addition to the accountability and support I provide my small group coaching program in our private Facebook community.

And if you’re looking for more support with tracking your calories and accountability so you actually change your habits to hit your weight loss goals, click here to check out The Sorority Nutritionist Membership!

xoxo, Lauren

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