Why is your weight loss a hot mess? Take the quiz!

If you want to feel freaking HOT in your body but dieting feels so freaking hard - babe, you are in the right place!

The secret to TSN is just how simple weight loss really freaking is. Stop making losing fat and toning up harder than it needs to be and instead let me teach you exactly how many calories and what types of foods to eat so you can lose 1-2 lbs every week!

90 Day Fit Babe Body

Hot girls who transformed their body and confidence in 90 days

20 lbs down by focusing on calories and protein!

Michelle lost 10 lbs in round 1 of 90 Day FBB, then focused on fat loss to tone up

Angelina lost 5.5 lbs fitting Nutella into her calories EVERY NIGHT

2 lbs in 6 weeks and MAJOR belly fat loss by eating balanced meals daily

Rachel lost 7 lbs & shed fat by allowing cookies in her diet (so she wouldn't overeat them)

before, 2 weeks after initial consult to 1 month into coaching! 5 lbs down through calorie tracking + walking

Gabi lost 20 lbs and doesn't feel the need to hide her body in pictures!

Sadie went from losing 5 & then gaining it back to being 10 lbs down and her jeans finally fit

Kate lost over 20 lbs and realized it wasn't about having the lowest weight, it was about feeling confident

Victoria went from having zero willpower to losing 10 lbs while eating chick-fil-a

Ashley lost 22 lbs before her wedding and finally doesn't restrict "bad foods" from her diet

Alex went from new mama not feeling her best to HOT MAMA in a pink bikini! All while eating Chick Fil A

In 5 week's Emma's confidence completely transformed... she believed she finally could do this!

Savannah went from not being able to stick to ANYTHING to dropping 15.4 lbs down calorie tracking + mindful eating

Claire lost over 30 lbs and finally has confidence, strength and self love

I've lost 10 lbs and literally would NEVER post this photo on IG if it wasn't for TSN

Nicole lost 22 lbs DURING THE HOLIDAYS

Shea lost 22 lbs for her wedding and LIFE!

How 90 Day Fit Babe Body  works:

As a coaching client you will receive online communication and support in between coaching sessions so you can get your questions answered alongside weekly accountability check ins.

Personalized Support

Coaching Calls

Hot Girl Resources

Each month you will have an opportunity to attend group coaching calls with your Registered Dietitian, Lauren to make sure you feel very supported on your weight loss journey and make adjustments to your plan for results.

You will receive access to all of the resources inside my Membership and beyond during the program including original videos covering my proven weight loss method, meal plans, and fat loss recipes!

... and Actual Results!

I know it sounds too good to be true when you've failed other programs filled with empty promises, but what makes TSN actually different besides making dieting feel "easy" is the fact my clients actually see results. Alongside weight loss they lose body fat, fit back into their jeans that haven't fit them in a hot minute and gain confidence because their bodies actually transform!

Rachel toned up

Victoria lost 10lbs

Kate lost 20+ lbs

Claire lost 30+ lbs

Are you ready to be HOT and healthy, girlfriend?

If you are ready to finally feel freaking hot, amazing and sexy in your body by truly getting the root of why your weight is a hot mess and see some serious results - 90 Day Fit Babe Body is for you!

Submit your application by clicking the link below, and if you are a good fit you we will reach out to book a discovery call with you.





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